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California Has More Highway Safety Laws Than Most States but More Deaths as Well
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California Has More Highway Safety Laws Than Most States but More Deaths as Well

California Has More Highway Safety Laws Than Most States but More Deaths as Well

A recent study looked at the number of highway safety laws in each state and compared them to the number of fatal car accidents. California ranked near the top for both categories. What does this say about our highway laws? Why are there so many deaths on California highways? Keep reading to get answers to these and other questions. If you have been involved in a car accident, contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker now to request your free legal consultation.

More About the Report

The report in question comes from the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety. They score states from best to worst and base those numbers on how many traffic safety laws the state has in place. The organization believes that there are 16 basic laws every state should have in place to reduce accidents. California has only ten of those laws.

Laws Recommended by the Study

The AHAD’s recommended laws include those that cover:

  • Seat belt laws
  • Helmet laws for bike riders and motorcycle riders
  • Child restrain laws
  • Laws for new drivers, such as those that set a minimum age for driving after dark
  • Laws related to alcohol, including mandatory ignition interlock for all DUI offenders as well as open container laws
  • Laws related to distracted driving, specifically laws that prohibit use of mobile device while driving

As mentioned above, California has ten of the 16 laws in place. That may seem low but in fact it results in our ranking as one of the states with more of these recommended laws than other states.

Do More Laws Translate to Safer Roads?

Unfortunately, they do not. Despite all these laws, more than 3,600 people lost their lives on California highways in 2017 alone. That is almost one out of ten of all motor vehicle fatalities in the country. Despite these strict laws, these deaths continue to rise. The issue seems to be a simple one: Just because the laws are in place does not mean drivers will obey them.

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