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Is Your Loved One in Danger? Learn Three of the Most Common Signs of Elder Abuse
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Is Your Loved One in Danger? Learn Three of the Most Common Signs of Elder Abuse

Is Your Loved One in Danger? Learn Three of the Most Common Signs of Elder Abuse

If your loved one is a care facility because they need help with their daily lives, you likely put them there to ensure their safety. Unfortunately, this does not always mean that they are safe. All too often, elder abuse is taking place at these facilities. If this is the case for your loved one, then your first move is likely to notify the police. However, if they cannot or will not help, your next call should be to a personal injury attorney.

Continue reading to find out how we can help you and what your options are. Learn about three of the signs that your loved one may be being abused. If you are worried about them, contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 to find out what your legal options are. We are standing by seven days a week to help you.

  1. Your Loved One Has Unexplained Bruises and Cuts
  2. Elder abuse is not always physical but when it is, there can be signs of it. There may be cuts and bruises that do not have a simple explanation. There may be other physical signs of trauma on your loved one’s body. Minor cuts and bruises may not warrant a call to the police the first time, as elderly folks are more likely to fall down and can injure easily, but you should document any cut or bruise you see. If you notice a pattern developing, or if the abuse is severe, contact the authorities right away.

  3. Your Loved One is Suddenly Fearful and Withdrawn
  4. In some cases, the abuse is not physical at all – it is emotional. The abuser may be threatening your loved one, humiliating them, or otherwise emotionally abusing them. Common signs of this type of abuse include your loved one suddenly become fearful and withdrawn. If they seem depressed or anxious, and they were not in the past, then this can be a sign that they are being abused.

  5. Your Loved One Has Suddenly Lost Weight or Their Health Has Quickly Worsened
  6. One of the reasons that abusers pray on the elderly is because so many symptoms of their abuse can be considered just a “natural” part of aging. It is easy enough for them to claim that the person in their car who is losing weight or who’s health is declining is simply aging. However, these things can also be caused by not having access to medications, not having access to food, and not being properly hydrated.

When it comes to elder abuse, we recommend that you trust your instincts. If you believe that something isn’t right, contact the authorities. If they will not help you, contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000. We take these actions very serious and are ready to help you.

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